Members Area Management System

  • Simple installation
  • Simple usage on multiple sites
  • Quick overview
  • Statistics about members
  • Prevention from Attacks
    The MAM system is part of the Universal Webmasters Tools (
    More about MAM system you can see here.

    There are these systems under Universal Webmasters Tools:

      MAM – Members Area Management System

      Protection of your Members area
           - Statistics about members
           - Prevention from Attacks

      SMT – Server Management Tool    (in Q3 2012)

      Integrates many small tools for server management:
           - Network Traffic Analyzer – analyze your network traffic on your server
           - TOP processes – list of server’s processes

      Gallery Builder    (in Q3 2012)

      Automatic system for gallery creation

    More technical details about Universal Webmasters Tools you can see here.