How it works?

All your members on your website (actually all logged users) are monitored by MAM system. You can see their activities in our central UniWebTools member section. You can see there when your members login, logout, which files they downloaded and other main security information about them. Which IP users used, their actual status – active, blocked or permanently blocked. These statuses are also applied to IP addresses from which attacks can come.

It’s very simple but powerful tool for webmasters!

All these information are used for all websites where you have MAM installed. Everything on one place. You just login to one place and you can see all statuses of all members on your websites.
How this is technically solved? See here technical details.



The MAM system offers these important benefits:

  • Central Management – simple usage on multiple sites and you can see all from one place
  • Quick members overview – you can see quickly what is going on your secured web places (members areas)
  • Statistics and history about members – daily statistics, login times, IP addresses, files, browsers, daily download activities (can be blocked till end of day after some limit)
  • Prevention from Attacks – the System alone decides which activities are normal and which are fraudulent (there is configuration inside MAM – every site can have own rules)
  • Protection of your Members Area – only paid accounts have access, no shared accounts and money losses, no password sharing, password trading
  • Stop attacking your site – IP blocking of fraudulent servers, which are trying hundreds and thousands users and password combinations
  • Increase download speed for paying users
  • Saving money for extra server connection of HW upgrades



There are minimum requirements for the MAM system:
  -  Apache 1.3 or 2.x series (standard)
  -  mod_rewrite module for Apache (standard)
  -  PHP 5.1 (standard)
  -  IonCube Loaderfree loaders for ionCube Encoded Files (for installation ask your server administrator)

More technical details you can see here.